Study with hard copy or interactive electronic version? You get both as standard with ineo

When you book on an ineo tuition course you get hard copy study books AND access to fully interactive versions.  Alternatively you can specify that you want only electronic versions and help save the planet.

For students not attending our classes, we do not sell hard copy books separately but we can arrange e-book access for you.  Contact us for more details…

Interactive electronic versions means:

* complete the answers in an interactive CBE format which replicates the ACCA’s CBE environment

* auto-marking of short-form questions with one-click pop-up windows to immediately see full explanations without thumbing to the back of the book

* reset button to wipe the book clean to attempt questions fresh

* 5 interactive mock exams

* embedded tutor-led videos, introducing the paper, demonstrating key exam skills, how to self-mark and a range of question debriefs

* launchable weblinks to relevant resources

* search, bookmark, highlight and annotate

* create your own flashcards

* download and use an eReader App giving you full offline functionality across multiple devices