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Course types

Ineo provides a wide range of support to help you achieve exam success as follows:

  • Face to Face courses (held at our training centre in Prague and in Brno)
  • One to one support from your Prague tutor
  • Online courses
  • High quality materials to support your learning
  • Administrative advice relating to ACCA

Course Prices

For information about prices, please send us a preliminary enquiry through the Booking Form and we can give you a quote. For larger number of bookings, please contact Claire Zenkerova.

All our study modes include:

  • A personalised Achievement Ladder to track your progression through the papers identifying your strengths and weaknesses, part of BPP Momentum (see video below)
  • Comprehensive online learning activities and resources with over 7 exam’s worth of questions for each paper and expert led recorded lectures, part of BPP Momentum
  • Access to expert tutors for technical queries, personal feedback and support
  • ACCA Approved Content from BPP Learning Media
  • All of our ACCA courses are Lifetime Pass Assured guaranteed, when following our recommended approach. If you fail the exam, we will give you a course for free (details here).
Claire makes every course bearable and fun 🙂 Gives great tips for the exam.
Audit assistant, Big 4 audit firm

Face to Face Courses

This is our most highly recommended study approach.  In the classroom students find they can really focus on their studies, not distracted by work commitments and interruptions. They study throughout the day instead of over busy evenings. They value the opportunity to raise questions to clarify issues and appreciate the advice given by our experienced tutors about hot topics, frequent mistakes made by students and tricks and traps to look out for in the exam.

Electronic classroom now included (not TAX Czech)

If you book a face to face classroom course (whether Intensive or Revision) you will be provided with access to our electronic classroom.  Using this interactive learning platform, you can listen to pre-recorded lectures chapter by chapter and take self-assessment tests, some of them marked by an experienced local tutor, to see if you have fully understood the topics, find where your weaknesses lie and focus your studies. See below for a video overview.

Intensive courses both introduce (teach) the content and use exam standard questions to hone your exam skills as you go along.

Revision courses assume that students have acquired the knowledge, either from our materials or from online study.  Here tutors focus on practising exam standard questions so as to highlight:

  • the most difficult technical issues
  • how to apply theory to exam scenarios
  • how to score the easy marks
  • how to present your work efficiently
  • time management
  • writing style

All students attending a face to face Revision class have the opportunity to submit a mock exam to be marked by their tutor who will give personalised feedback on presentation, exam technique and technical errors.

One to one support from your Prague tutor

Students who attend our courses can access tutors at any time, even at weekends, to ask technical questions or seek help.  Our tutors respond to all student enquiries and are happy to meet with students after classes for individual help when required.

Online Classroom (not TAX Czech)

Online Classroom gives you the flexibility of studying whenever and wherever you want, combined with the support of a dedicated tutor. The courses employ our BPP Momentum methodology (see video below) – you learn progressively, testing yourself as you go, in small increments that make sure you have mastered material before moving to more complex topics.

All programmes have a start date and study guidance to provide structure, but you set the pace, with access to the library of online content including a comprehensive suite of video lectures recorded by BPP Professional Education’s experts so you have access to explanations whenever you need them, plus forums so you can interact with your tutor and fellow students. You will also be supported by our Programme Advisors, if you miss or fail a step on the Achievement Ladder, the Programme Advisors will direct you to the relevant areas of support to help you get back on track.

Course content is available for 6 months from the start date (on-demand exams BT-LW) or until immediately after the exam (session exams PM-AAA).

For more details, please watch our walkthrough video of the online platform.

High quality materials

If you purchase one of our tuition support products, included in the price are the following BPP Learning Media’s study materials to support your learning:

  • Practice and Revision Kit for Question practice
  • Structured Course Notes/Workbooks (study text for TAX Cze)

Except for TAX Czech, we do not sell course materials separately (except bulk bookings).  To obtain materials only, please go to the BPP Learning Media website.

BPP Learning Media are an official ACCA Approved Content Provider and have developed their learning material format and content over decades of supporting ACCA students.

Administrative advice relating to ACCA

Students who attend our courses can call upon the knowledge and expertise of our experienced ACCA team to solve any administrative questions, exam registrations, update of details, ACCA’s paperwork etc.

Classroom Course Dates

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Classroom Course Dates for on-demand exams

Fundamentals level
Course dates
Management Accounting (MA)

Intensive Phase I 11-13 March 2024 on Zoom

Intensive Phase II 8-9 April 2024 on Zoom

Financial Accounting (FA) Contact us for the nearest course date
Business and Technology (BT) Contact us for the nearest course date

Classroom Course Dates toward December 2023 exams

Skills Level Revision courses
Performance Management (PM) 6-8 Nov 2023 – on Zoom
Czech Tax (TX cze) intensive course* 30 Oct – 3 Nov 2023 – Prague
Financial Reporting (FR) 20-22 Nov 2023 – on Zoom
Audit and Assurance (AA) 16-18 Nov 2023 – on Zoom
Financial Management (FM) 9-11 Nov 2023 – on Zoom
*Intensive Course integrates the phase of building the knowledge and rehearsing. The course takes place as one block.
Professional Level Revision Courses
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) 31 Oct – 3 Nov 2023 – on Zoom

Classroom Course Dates toward June 2024 exams

Skills Level Revision courses
Performance Management (PM) 20-22 May 2024 Prague
Czech Tax (TX cze) intensive course* 6-10 May 2024 – Prague
Financial Reporting (FR) 13-15 May 2024 – Prague
Audit and Assurance (AA) 16-18 May 2024 – Prague
Financial Management (FM) 2-4 May 2024- Prague
*Intensive Course integrates the phase of building the knowledge and rehearsing. The course takes place as one block.
Professional Level Revision Courses
Strategic Business Leader (SBL) May be added later, pls contact ineo
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) 6-7 + 9-10 May 2024 – Prague
Advanced Financial Mgt (AFM) May be added later, pls contact ineo
Advanced Performance Mgt (APM) May be added later, pls contact ineo

Classroom courses are shown in the calendar below, just scroll forward to the relevant month.

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