Manufacturing company simulation

ineo business simulace - FirmaSimDuring the simulation, groups of participants work around tables with large-format touchscreen tablets. They become managers who strive for the success of their company. Working in teams, participants make decisions about all aspects of their business, from strategy to product portfolio and quality, from markets and pricing to working capital management including warehouse management, logistics, receivables management, investment in production capacity or market research… all the way to obtaining bank loans and return on capital. Their simulated companies compete against each other the whole time, and participants receive instant visual feedback from connected tablets – watching in real time how their simulated company grows evolves, with a simple overview of financial performance, market position or even operational risk levels. All this is complemented by lecturers who are themselves partners in our company and experts in finance, strategy or process management.

I admit I was a bit sceptical and doubtful about the two-day simulation. However, it has drawn me in and opened my eyes to things that I had only known from school. I really saw their meaning and impact now. We loved the mix of producing goods and watching cash come in with educational moments. I never thought I could enjoy working with financial statements and analysing them against the competition, but I really got involved in “my” company. I am a difficult trainee, hard to please and involve, however even as an extrovert I was never bored and new things kept coming…
Manager, Komerční Banka, part of Societe Generale group

The simulation mainly covers the following areas:

  • Strategic planning – what products will we offer to which customers? Should we base our plans on market research, competitors’ plans or our company’s strengths?
  • Investment – how much production capacity to build? Is investment in certified quality worth it? Do we need to enter new markets and if so, when?
  • Market – which large contracts to pursue and how to set your pricing policy in the face of competition?
  • Operations – how to manage supply, production, warehousing and logistics? Thorough planning and organisation is paramount…
  • Financial performance – how to understand the balance sheet and P&L statement? How important decision reflect in financial results? How to present, interpret and plan these financials?
  • Financing – when to approach the bank for an overdraft or a long-term loan? How to use alternative forms of financing such as leasing, factoring, vendor financing or equity issues?
  • Cash flow management – how to monitor and manage due dates of invoices issued and received, how to schedule investments, control production and non-production costs, minimise working capital?
  • Creating budgets – why are some budgets overly optimistic and others pessimistic? How to plan in times of uncertainty? Which performance indicators to focus on? How to explain variances from budget?
  • Customized exercises – short exercises on other important areas (EBITDA, cash flow generation, budgeting, ROCE, working capital management, selected KPIs, cost analysis, ROI, Just in Time, capacity planning, etc. as requested by client)
Everything can be improved, but in this case it is hard to figure out what.
Company simulation participant

Information leaflet about the simulation

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