Change Begins With Us…

Ineo is a training company that has operated in Prague since 1999. We used to be a subsidiary of a UK training giant in the area of professional training, the  BPP group. However, from 2015, in line with BPP’s strategic plan, a management buyout resulted in the full ownership of BPP Czech Republic (now by it’s long-standing tutor team – Petr Skokan, Claire Zenkerová and former partner Jakub Güttner:

2015-06-09 12.46.48 ineo

Today, as a Premier Member of BPP’s Global Nework, ineo has become an exclusive partner of BPP Professional Education on the Czech market. Using BPP’s materials and online products, our tutor team delivers training in professional qualifications, mostly ACCA.

We have also developed a suite of simulation based courses. From delivering board based simulations, we have started developing simulations in 2010 and since 2015 we have offered simulations on large-scale touchscreens – a unique product on the EU market.

What are we proud of?

Our vision

Ineo is Latin for “I begin”.
Change begins with us, and this is how we see good training:

Our values

When developing training, we stick to our core values:

“I had no idea I was learning”

People learn better when they are enjoying themselves. Effective training does not need to be a drudgery.

“Shut up and let me try”

Practice leads to understanding. And practice leads to perfection. Transfer of useful skills from training into everyday life best happens where people can try out their new abilities in a safe environment.

“I can’t wait to try this”

Learning does not have to end with the course – we provide practical tools, action plans, reminders, support etc. to make sure that what our course participants learn does not stay in the classroom but leads to a change in their behaviour.

“Others value my contribution”

Course participants learn from each other as well as from the tutor. We give them an opportunity to share their ideas, opinions and work experience to make the courses more relevant.

“That was meant for me”

It is not possible to apply a “one size fits all” approach to training – it is necessary to adjust it to each individual’s and their organisation’s needs; to try practical situations, examples and case studies that will come up in real life.

“I would not believe I can even do this”

People can do more than anyone, including themselves, would expect. We encourage them to get out of their comfort zone in an environment where they can experiment and discover their unexpected possibilities.

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