Since 2007, we have gained a lot of experience in the end-to-end design of simulations according to client’s specific requirements and goals, in testing them with focus groups of employees and trainers, in leading simulations and training Klent trainers in their delivery, in creating tools and materials (large-format tablets, software, tokens, cards, videos, support materials, etc.), linking the simulation with client’s performance management system etc.

Our cooperation was professional from start to finish – the product that ineo designed reflected both the needs of the bank and the budget, as well as the possibility – in our case the necessity – of intensive cooperation on content creation based on concrete situations from everyday practice. As a result, the product that ineo created is truly “bespoke” and delivers the expected effect.
Monika Šamonilová, Training manager of branch network, ČS, subsidiary of Erste Bank

If you speak Czech, you can watch a 3-minute video about creating custom simulations:


Simulations that we created include:

  • Simulation of various leadership styles (again, created for branch managers of a large bank):

Simulace vedeni tymu pro CS ineo

Simulace retail banky ineo

In previous years, we also used other complex board simulations:

…and this is what testing various products and approaches looks like:

Testovani simulace ineo

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