We work with some of the largest clients who provide ACCA tuition to their employees. For our corporate customers, whether they have ten or a hundred students, we provide highly customized solutions including:

  • Study plans: Design of ACCA study plans considering specifics and profile of client’s students, eg. appropriate qualification for a given individual, managing talents and under-achievers, recommending an optimal study path

ACCA progress report sample by ineo

  • Training policy: Assistance with development of a comprehensive ACCA training policy, such as recommended study pace, recommended sittings, dealing with fails, exam fees for repeated fails
  • Performance reporting: Throughout the exam preparation period, including realtime updates about attendance on courses, correlating tutor feedback with exam results and focusing on actionable feedback for training managersACCA reporting on students sample by ineo
  • Students’ booking management: recommendation and online booking of courses and exams done by students and approved by employer

ACCA course signup sheet sample by ineo

  • Individual support:  Individual mentoring, coaching and study plans for students falling behind, able to study more than others or unable to follow a standard study route
  • ACCA relationship management: All backoffice communication with the ACCA including students registrations, exam entry or dealing with ACCA fees
  • Single point of contact: Every corporate client has a dedicated customer service representative who they can turn to anytime. Everyone on our client service team has had experience supporting large corporate clients with ACCA studies at least since 2010.

For more information, please contact one of our partners, Petr Skokan.