CIMA global qualification study options

Ways to study CIMA with ineo

As Premier Member of BPP Professional Education’s Global Nework, ineo provides you with the top quality CIMA online courses. The BPP Hub enhances every aspect of traditional learning. Whichever level you are at, whichever study mode you choose, you will benefit from structured, motivational competency-based programmes that help you identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to progress through the qualification and achieve your goals.
All our study modes include:

  • A personalised Achievement Ladder to track your progress and continuously identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Comprehensive online learning activities and resources, including question feedback; access to up to 400 questions available for every paper and over 1000 explanations and expert led recorded lectures
  • Access to tutors for technical queries, personal feedback and support
  • Access to focus sessions that cover specific problems including technical areas, Achievement Ladder steps and key exam-related topics via online webinars
  • World class study materials
  • Lifetime Pass Assurance* for all papers

Online Classroom

Online Classroom gives you the flexibility of studying whenever and wherever you want, combined with the support of a dedicated tutor. All programmes have a start date and study guidance to provide structure, but you set the pace, with access to the library of online content including a comprehensive suite of lectures recorded by BPP Professional Education’s experts so you have access to tutor explanations whenever you need them, plus forums so you can interact with your tutor and fellow students.

Online Classroom Live

An award-winning Online Classroom Live lets you study wherever you have internet access, and is ideal if you like the discipline and motivation of a structured and timetabled course and can commit to scheduled sessions. The live and engaging, interactive webinars delivered by one of our expert tutors are all recorded, so you can watch any you miss. There is also a library of online content which includes a comprehensive suite of online lectures.

Classroom Courses

We are happy to run in-house face-to-face courses for corporate clients. Please contact us if you have a group of students who would benefit from courses in ineo or in your premises, led by experienced CIMA tutors.

*Full terms and conditions apply The new Lifetime Pass Assurance Scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion run by any BPP group company. No cash alternative available.

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