Information for students not resident in EU

Classroom courses

Our courses are Revision courses only and are typically 3-4 days in length for each ACCA paper.  We do not offer full time study or day-release course structures.  Students typically do home study from materials or using our electronic classroom to acquire the knowledge of the syllabus.  They then attend a short revision course focusing on exam technique, presentation skills etc.  For more details about our classroom courses and electronic classroom, please go to our description of face-to-face courses.

Dates for our upcoming classroom courses in Prague and Brno are available on

Prices for classroom courses are available upon request.  Please use the chat box below or the non-binding Booking form to request price information or send an email to Claire Zenkerová, specifying which course you are interested in attending.

VISA and entry requirements for classroom courses

To attend one of our classroom courses, you must be registered as a student with ACCA and have a student number.  There are no entry requirements in addition to those necessary to register with ACCA but all fees must be paid in advance of the course.

Please notice that we do not provide any assistance or documentation relating to your VISA application.  We will, however, provide written proof of your booking and non-refundable payment, should this be required as part of your VISA application.

Online courses and materials

If you are interested in purchasing one of our online products or materials only, we would advise you to refer to the website of our partner BPP ( where you will find details of the available products and prices together with contact details to order these products direct from the UK.

Admissions process

If you are interested to attend a specific face to face course, please complete the Booking form to make a non-binding enquiry about availability and price.  Once you have confirmed your booking, we will

  • Raise our invoice
  • Reserve you a place
  • Wait for payment
  • Send materials to the delivery address (by post)
  • Send joining instructions nearer the time (location, what to bring, what to prepare in advance etc)

Please note that for students not resident in EU our fees are non-refundable so be sure you will be free and be able to obtain any necessary flight tickets, visas etc, before you make your payment.