Banking simulation

The bank simulation developed by the ineo team in cooperation with experts from Czech banks and the CNB is a unique product of its kind. Making use of large-format tablets, it provides participating teams with an insight into the management of an entire bank. From client acquisition, portfolio management or development investments to the analyses of financial statements and regulatory indicators.

“The chosen form (interactive training, where the participants can directly see the effects of individual steps and decisions) is definitely a well-liked one. At the same time, it forces the participants to really follow and think deeply about what is being discussed. A very important role was played by the great knowledge of the organizers or rather the guides on both days. The interactivity that leads participants to intensive cooperation, which is the entire seminar’s philosophy, is a bonus. I would slightly modify Comenius’ slogan to “Thanks to Ineo, bank by play” :).”

-Vladimír Bareš, Business Development and Support Director, ČSOB

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For example, the simulated dicisions include:

  • Asset and liability management – how to manage the bank balance sheet and capital adequacy? How to set product parameters in competition with other banks? How to achieve a balance between assets and liabilities and where to look for external sources of financing? How to respond to macroeconomic influences?
  • Risk management – the simulation tries to simplify risk management, but at the same time preserve its basic principles: how to price corporate loans of different ratings? How to set acceptance criteria for consumer loans? How to manage mandatory reserves or monitor exposure in different sectors with regard to regulatory requirements?
  • Sales network – do we want to build a network of corporate bankers, a branch network or both? How to plan capacity and efficiency? How to build their experience and specialization?
  • Marketing – what are the total costs to be invested in branding? How to use product cross-selling or client retention? Which aspects of my products will appeal to different client groups?
  • Financial statements – the impact of any operation is immediately shown in the financial statements: how to “read” the continuously developing financial situation of your company and plan the effect of your decisions? How to draw up a budget, evaluate profitability, return on equity, margins and risks on various products or regulatory indicators?

Bankovni simulace ineo vykazy

  • Technology – when to invest in new systems, internet or mobile banking? How to integrate legacy transaction systems? How do available technologies affect my options in the market? IT can be a source of competitive advantages, but also a source of expensive problems…

Ineo Banking Simulation Training

Simulation mechanisms

  • Teams:teams of 3-4 participants represent individual banks that compete with each other. Each team has their company’s situation displayed on a large tablet on their desk. Different parts of the tablet, which can be controlled and rotated independently, display the entire bank: from the product portfolio to interbank loans and financial indicators to the branch network, corporate bankers and investments in technology and marketing.
  • Rounds: In individual rounds (years), team members discuss and decide on individual areas of development for their bank, either on a tablet or in a live auction against other banks. They then “live on” with the consequences of their decisions.
  • Analysis:After finishing each round, the participants reflect on the implications of their strategy, together with the lecturer. They look for key decisions and connections, and make additional decisions that help to better understand the key principles.
  • For anyone:The training is suitable for anyone who needs to have a general overview of how a bank’s business model works. Each of the areas, including financial, is simplified for participants from any business area.
Two days of the business simulation gave me more than two years of MBA study.
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