COVID update

  • ACCA have cancelled all ACCA exams in June 2020 in the Czech Republic, but September exams should normally occur.
  • We have exceptionally scheduled full suite of ACCA courses in August 2020 to prepare candidates for September exams.

COVID update 1

Booking a new course?

All our summer course dates are available on our calendar, so feel free to complete the booking form to reserve your place. We anticipate that due to postponed June session, demand may be quite high. These courses will be proper face-to-face trainings, but in the event of renewed government restrictions they would still take place online.

Already booked a course in May?

1. Rebook your ACCA exam

ACCA has automatically cancelled all June exam booking and credited students’ MyACCA accounts with the exam fee. It is necessary that students rebook their exam for September. There should be nothing to pay because the ACCA will offset your exam fees for September against the credited June fees.  We strongly recommend you rebook your exam as soon as possible.  Places are limited and demand will be very high.

2. Rebook your ineo course

Email us (or your training manager, if applicable) and tell us which August course you wish to attend and that you are rebooking your June season course.  If you have pre-paid your existing course there will be nothing extra to pay, otherwise we will invoice you or your employer in the usual way.

What about my…

  • Materials? The materials you have received are still valid for the September season.  There are some are minor syllabus updates for PM, SBR, APM, but if you book onto our summer courses, we will ensure you know what they are.
  • Online or electronic classroom? This also remains valid for September exams and your access will be automatically extended until September.  During the summer, BPP will upgrade your online environment to a newer version with updated syllabus and all necessary materials.

Booking a computer based exam (CBE)?

On-demand computer based exams (for AB, FA, MA, LW exams) are scheduled and running. We have lower student numbers in our exams, we book larger rooms, we guarantee proper social distancing and we carefully disinfect everything. Exam dates are available in our calendar.

covid cbe distancing ineo

Feel free to email and ask us about anything else, we are here to help.