New identity for BPP in the Czech Republic

We are pleased to announce that, from spring 2015, as part of BPP Professional Education’s strategic plan, BPP Česká republika s.r.o. has been acquired by its longineo 3 standing local tutor teamPetr Skokan, Claire Zenkerová and Jakub Guttner.

As a Premier Member of BPP’s Global Nework, the new company, ineo, will act as exclusive partner for BPP Professional Education in the local market and will continue to sell BPP Learning Media materials and BPP Professional Education online products, and to provide face to face courses based on these products to support  ACCA and other professional qualifications in the Czech Republic.  In other words:

What stays the same?

  • Professionals teaching professionals
  • Same BPP Learning Media materials and BPP Professional Education online products
  • Same tutor team delivering the same range of courses
  • Same highest “platinum” certification by the ACCA
  • Same internal requirements on quality and pass rates
  • Same customer support team and premises


And what is new?

As owners, we are now more than ever dedicated to flexibly responding to our customers’ needs and delivering the best training. After all, you are now our partners.
We are working on innovative projects and new training methods including business games, simulations and IT-driven training programmes to offer the market a wide choice to suit every training need and preference.


Our vision

Ineo is a Latin word, meaning “I begin”.
Change begins with us.  Training is the first step:

  • Good training creates skills and confidence: “I can do this”
  • Good training creates a change of attitude: “I believe in this”
  • Good training benefits everyone: “It’s not just about me”
  • Good training creates thirst for self-development: “What lies beyond?”
  • Good training creates “aha” moments when everything just clicks into place


Our values

We have key underlying values in designing training:

“I didn’t realise I was learning”

People learn more when they are enjoying themselves.  Training doesn’t have to be hard work to be effective

“Don’t just tell me, let me try”

Doing is understanding.  Practice makes perfect.  Transfer to the workplace/exam is maximised when people have a chance to practice new skills in a safe learning environment

“I can’t wait to put this into practice”

Learning doesn’t end when the course ends – we distribute practical aids, follow up action plans, support etc to ensure people don’t leave what they’ve learned in the classroom but actually change their behaviour

“My contribution was valued”

Participants learn as much from each other as they do from the tutor.  We give students the chance to share ideas, opinions and experience  from their working lives to make the course relevant

“That was really relevant to what I do”

Learning is not “one size fits all” and should be tailored to the learning needs of the participants, be company specific and use real life role plays, examples and case studies to make it relevant to the workplace

“Wow, I never thought I could do that”

People are capable of more than you or they expect.  We encourage people out of their comfort zone in an environment where they can experiment and discover their unexpected talents.

We look forward to continuing our business partnership with you.