Société Générale CZ – Komerční banka

“I went to the simulation with a bit of sceptical expectations. Honestly, I doubted the point of having a two-day simulation.

The whole training, however, has strongly pulled me in and built a bond to “my” company. It helped me open my eyes and really grasp the information and knowledge that I had only heard in school and partly in practice – and grasp in such a way that I could really see its meaning and consequences.

We really liked the flow that alternated “strong” moments when we could see the output of our production and inflow of cash to our company, with educational discussions. I would never say that I could look forward to preparing financial statements – but we really lived for our company so the statements were not only an example – they were a result and comparison.

As a listener and participant, I am really hard to please. It does not happen often that I am entertained and “into” something for two days. On top of that, even as an extrovert, I was not bored in routine, perhaps because we kept getting something new the whole time…”

Jan Waldhauser
Manager of School Branch
Training and Development, HR
Komerční banka, a.s.
(subsidiary bank of Société Générale)