Attend in person or via Zoom? Hybrid courses now available…

From May 2024 students can choose to attend selected ACCA classes in person or via Zoom.

Many students still prefer to sit in the classroom with the tutor.  This allows them time away from the office to focus on their studies and interact with the tutor face to face.  But we recognise that for some students attending on the Zoom platform is less disruptive.

Therefore, starting May 2024, it will be possible to attend most of our ACCA Revision classroom courses on Zoom. This applies to PM, FR, AA and FM.

Physical students and Zoom students will attend the SAME EVENT in real time on specific dates.  Classroom students will take part as usual.  Zoom students will hear the tutor’s commentary and see the annotations on their own screen at home.  They will be able to ask and answer questions using the chat box or space bar to unmute themselves.  Courses will not be recorded for playback after the event so students should count with being available to take part 9-16:30 each day.

For more information about this new offer: