These were three amazing days. Business simulation allowed me a glimpse into the life of a real company and I am taking away ideas about how to improve strategic planning.
Company simulation participant


We provide courses that offer you flexible ways to study. You can study Face to Face at specific times at ineo premises in Prague or choose BPP online courses provided by ineo as a Premier Member of BPP’s Global Network. You can mix and match these study methods to suit your needs, such as, doing a Taught Online Classroom course and a Revision course Face to Face.


Simulation is one of the most effective methods of acquiring knowledge and skills. Simulations are developed so that participants learn from the of actions they take. We design simulations that allow for participant interaction and visualization.

Bespoke courses

Our courses always emphasize practical exercises, demonstrations and group discussions, roleplaying, model situations, visual examples and simulations in which participants try out the principles presented and get feedback on their performance. This includes the development of individual action plans for managers.

Why us, why INEO?

Great tutors

In ineo, professionals teach professional. All our tutors have management experience as well as long teaching experience – they have all been with ineo since at least 2010. They achieve above average passrates in exam prep and their services are in demand from
the UK all the way to Bulgaria.

Great processes

Ineo means “I begin” in Lation. Our trainings begin the process of change that you take to your job – that is why we emphasize an experience, motivation, feedback and self-actualisation. We are also used to integrating ours processes with those of our large clients.

Great network

We have a strong partner – the British company BPP with several throusands of teachers, a university, own publishing house and online courses. As an exclusive BPP partner we have access to their resources and expertise.