This simulation with a large board and physical counters has now been replaced by a version with large-scale tablets.

Imagine you can:

  • Design and implement an efficient strategy
  • Effectively manage the company’s finances and perform practical financial analysis.
  • Prepare plans in a dynamic and highly competitive environment.
  • Anticipate and visualize the impact of decisions on the financial position and success of the company.
  • Quickly identify and take advantage of market opportunities and adapt your business to fully benefit from them
  • Make good decisions even from incomplete information.

About the simulation

Desková (starší) simulace výrobní firmy

During the simulation, teams of participants each manage their own company. The company has a form of a game plan with cards and tokens of different colors, which correspond to various resources ranging from materials and receivables through teams of employees all the way to bank loans.

Visual impact of each decision

Every decision has an immediate visual impact. Practical exercises will show you how each of your executive decisions is reflected in the operations of the company, its performance and its market position including the reaction of competitors. 

Big picture

Participants see the “big picture” of the business, ranging from strategy through portfolio management, balance of quality and price of their products, entering new markets, working capital management, investment in additional production capacity, logistics, market research, competition for market contracts… all the way to dealing with unexpected situations. Non-financial managers greatly appreciate learning to understand the company’s financial statements, including the importance of cash flow, how financial statements are prepared and how to read them. 

Every department has a profound impact on overall result

Participants see how their departments affect the success and profitability of the whole company, how their activities are reflected in the business and affect areas such as obsolete goods, lack of cash, reluctance of the bank to provide additional loans, profit at the expense of long-term development. 

Date: (not being offered anymore)

Price: 12.000,- CZK + VAT